Hypnosis for Weight Loss Motivation Keep Your Motivation Topped Up and Your Weight Down

You may have thought you were well on your way to weight loss euphoria, before your motivation to keep going started to wobble. This is a very common occurrence with diet plans – they can often work for an initial period, but they are simply not sustainable or pleasant, leading only to disappointment and failure.

This happens to be human nature. Each diet brings about new hope, a new expectation, and new determination. But because we are human, we are prone to fall and give into temptation when the going gets tough. This usually starts with occasional ‘cheating’, but soon develops into the complete derailment of the diet plan.

The up and downs of weight-loss, both to physical and mental health are not good for anybody. The rollercoaster of a good week and a bad week eventually takes its toll, to the point where you simply want to give up altogether. So how do you get off the rollercoaster and enjoy some plain sailing?

The Psychology of Weight Loss Motivation

As mentioned above, we are only human. The good news is that there is a lot of knowledge and understanding on the psychology of the human brain and this plays a crucial role in dealing with the issue of motivation and decision-making. The first thing to establish here is that the decisions we make ‘naturally’ without deliberation are very connected to the unconscious part of the brain. Therefore, without really thinking about it, we make decisions about situations based on what ‘template’ has been set in our mind for that particular situation. These decisions seem to make themselves, without you having to ‘choose’ them.

We build these templates as a result of our life experiences, beliefs, and values. We do not even notice we are doing it, but each day we live, something new has been programmed. Fortunately, it is possible to reset the decision-making patterns that are having a negative impact on your life and replace them with ones that are more positive. Hypnotherapy has proved extremely successful in achieving this.

The Role of Hypnosis in Weight Loss Motivation

We have helped many clients with Weight loss motivation through powerful hypnotherapy that is designed to address the unconscious patterns that cause our motivation to drop. Our hypnosis treatment plan will:

  • Teach you to make good decisions that are instinctive
  • Boost your motivation to the point where it seems unbreakable
  • Equip you with the know-how to make better choices
  • Help you maintain control, even in times of pressure or high temptation
  • Allow you to achieve your weight loss goals so that you can start to live a happier life

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