Hypnotherapy to Think Yourself Thin – Rewire Your Brain for Natural Weight Loss

Is losing weight like a never-ending uphill struggle? Do you look enviously at slimmer friends, wondering just how on earth they manage to keep the weight down without having to deny themselves of the finer things in life?

Being Thin is an attitude

Thin people do not possess magical skills, although that may be easier to believe!

The reality is, people who are naturally slim do not have any more willpower than the rest of us. They are simply lucky because of the way they are programmed to think. The food choices that they make, lend themselves towards eating a healthy, balanced diet. It has nothing to do with a crash or fad dieting. It is their actual attitude towards food and how it affects their physical and mental health. They are conscious of this with each and every food choice they make.

You are probably now wondering how you can learn to think like they do… you are in luck.

How do you ‘think Thin’ via Hypnosis?

The easiest way to illustrate how thinking thin works, is a very common scenario. Imagine, it’s your friend’s birthday, and out comes the cake. You’ve already had a little too much to eat, but then the cake arrives, and it looks delightful.

Your thoughts might be centred on how delicious the cake looks, how it will taste when you take a bit, how light and fluffy it looks, and how much you are going to enjoy eating it. Thoughts of guilt and weight gain are momentarily cast aside for later retrieval, most usually when it’s too late and the plate is already clean.

At the other end of the spectrum, naturally slim people preoccupy themselves with how they would feel after eating the cake. They know the sense of guilt is going to stay with them for a long time afterward, and it’s almost not worth the few seconds of pleasure. Instead of imagining what it would be like to eat the cake, they imagine how it will look on their hips. And with that thought in mind, they take only a nibble.

The good news is, you can learn to think like this too.

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals through the Power of Hypnotherapy

Our clinical hypnotherapy sessions have helped clients develop a healthier mindset when it comes to eating so that they can go on to achieve their weight loss goals. We do this by delving into their unconscious mind and feeding it hypnotic suggestions via hypnosis that is absorbed as if they were new ‘strategies’ to achieving and maintaining a slimmer figure. Our clients have benefited from our hypnotherapy program in the following ways:

  • Suddenly the uphill struggle seems much flatter
  • Their willpower and resolve to meet their target weight becomes relentless
  • A long term view is adopted, over a short term food fix
  • Making wise choices becomes second nature, rather than a torturous scenario
  • They feel better, healthier, more positive and confident

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