Hypnotherapy to Stop Emotional Eating – Release Yourself from the Regret of Emotional Eating

There is a way to create distance between your emotions and the need to eat. By doing this, you are released from the ongoing cycle of eating when you are emotional so that you get used to eating simply because you are hungry.

What Triggers Emotional Eating?

We need food to survive and exist. But this isn’t always the reason why we eat. The trigger for emotional eating will most certainly be different for each and every individual, but there are some common emotions that trigger emotional eating – that is, eating not to satisfy hunger, but to provide temporary respite from painful emotions. It is this pattern of emotional eating that leads to bad eating habits and subsequent weight-gain. Typical triggers for emotional eating are:

  • Guilt
  • Low self-esteem
  • The feeling of repeated failure
  • Loneliness
  • Sadness
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety

The biggest irony is this – emotional eating is triggered by the above emotions, but the guilt and long-term weight gain resulting from the emotional eating can go on to trigger these emotions all over again! Rather than dealing with frustration by tackling the source of it – emotional eaters instead reach for the fridge and inevitably end up feeling worse off.

The Painful Cycle of Emotional Eating

We have established that human beings not only eat to satisfy hunger. Emotional eating is all about the use of symbols and association. We are able to let one thing represent another, which normally serves our race well in the development of new technologies and a highly sophisticated culture. But quite often, we use association and symbols in a negative way. When relating this to emotional eating, we can often associate a specific pang of emotion, with a pang of hunger. And in such circumstances, it becomes a natural assumption that eating will solve the problem.

So why do we call emotional eating a cycle? Because the feelings of guilt that flood in after we have eaten, trigger off more of the same feelings and the cycle begins again. This behaviour is never intentional, it just happens. We have conditioned ourselves, in a way that is difficult to change. Ever wonder why a dog gets excited when he hears the sound of tinkering in the kitchen? He associates that sound with having a meal prepared for him. This kind of association is referred to as ‘Classical Conditioning’.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Change Long-Standing Habits through the Power of Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy carried out by George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist can help you break the chain of emotional eating, by tackling the problem at the level where it is embedded in your unconscious mind. During the course of your hypnotherapy treatment, you will see some positive changes occur:

  • You will become more relaxed and your mind will become clearer
  • Keeping your emotional needs and physical needs separate will begin to feel natural and will, therefore, happen automatically
  • You will look for more creative ways to process and work through your emotions
  • Your desire for healthy eating will increase and this will improve your diet immensely
  • You will start to feel more positive, more confident and more fulfilled in everyday life, without a constant cross to bear

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