Stop Comfort Eating

Stop Comfort Eating

Hypnotherapy to Stop Comfort Eating – Stop the Habitual Cycle of Comfort Eating

Are you stopping yourself from reaching your goals through comfort eating? Does it make you feel better for minutes, hours or days?

The cycle of comfort eating is a tough one to break. Food has a ‘habit’ of making us feel better – but unfortunately, it is only a temporary relief from the pain we are feeling, and it takes us in the opposite direction of where we want to end up.

Life has ups and downs, and sometimes it can feel there are many more downs. With only a few instances, we can be programmed to reach for the kitchen cupboard when we feel sad. From this point onwards, it seems like the natural thing to do.

The result? The instant reward is hugely counter-balanced with the subsequent feeling of regret, guilt, frustration and weight gain. Each of these symptoms creates the perfect storm for more unhappiness.

You’ll be very pleased to hear, there is a solution. A powerful one, that will lead to lasting change, a better diet and a happier you.

Feel Good the Right Way through the Power of Hypnosis

Our strategic hypnotherapy program is designed to help you deal with the psychological side of healthy weight control. With the help of George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist, you can break free from emotional patterns and behaviour that stop you from being the best version of yourself.

Our hypnotherapy sessions have successfully helped many clients break the cycle of comfort eating so that they can finally start to experience:

  • A life with less daunting challenges
  • Creativity in devising solutions that bring about lasting solutions to feeling down
  • A greater understanding and new relationship with their own emotions
  • A healthy outlook on food and a desire to eat a balanced diet
  • Increased confidence, resilience and self-esteem

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