Stop Boredom Eating – Fill the Boredom Gap with Something Other Than Food

Many people suffer from boredom eating. In fact, most people do. However, it’s when boredom eating begins to occur regularly, that creates significant problems in trying to lose weight. Rather than filling the boredom gap with something interesting, it becomes all too easy to reach the kitchen cupboard.

What if you were to replace boredom eating with an activity that you found rewarding? How would this impact your weight?

The Battle to Stop Boredom Eating

If turning to food has become a habit, you will notice that your waistline is suffering. You will probably hear the sensible thoughts in your head, telling you to stop reaching for the biscuit tin. Most of the time, you lose the battle and as a consequence, feelings of guilt, failure and frustration flood back in once more.

When we look at this situation objectively, it’s easy to see several things are happening. Not only do you lose an opportunity to find a rewarding activity for next time you feel bored, your actions are damaging your weight control and you impose regular feelings of failure on yourself that will only lead to more eating that is not driven by hunger. But, you’ll be happy to hear there is a lasting solution.

Stop Boredom Eating with the Help of Hypnotherapy

Strategic clinical hypnotherapy delivered by a qualified expert can help turn the problem of boredom into an opportunity. By dealing with boredom at the unconscious level, your old habits can be switched with positive, new habits that will help you achieve your goals. We have successfully helped clients overcome boredom eating with powerful hypnosis treatment. As a result, they have benefitted from:

  • Less antagonistic and more peaceful decision making
  • The ability to quickly move on from momentary cravings
  • Feeling generally more relaxed and calm
  • A new attitude to boredom
  • Creativity in introducing new stimulation and activities in life

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