Hypnotherapy to Stop Binge Eating – Bring Moderation Back into Your Life

Uncontrolled urges can bring chaos into a person’s life when trying to stop binge eating.

How would the quality of your life improve if you could break the cycle of binge eating? Whether it’s late night bingeing, or regular bingeing throughout the day, no doubt life would be better without it.

Taking control of your life might seem like a distant dream right now, but the drain on both your mental and physical wellbeing is far too important to ignore. You may have already tried a number of things to help you stop, none of which have meant any long-term change.

Living without Binge Eating

Imagine binge eating as a comfort blanket. At the end of a tough day, you know it’s always there to be relied upon. You know it will make you feel better and you know you are extremely good at it. In fact, you are very used to it.

Does the thought of giving up regular bingeing scare you? If it does, then that would be completely natural. It has become part of your daily routine. You have mastered it down to an art. It may feel that giving up this familiarity will leave a large void in your life that needs filling. Perhaps you have no idea what you would do instead.

As with most habits and cravings, the will to simply ‘give up’ is almost always never enough.

Stop Binge Eating with the Power of Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy carried out by George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist can help you break the chain of emotional eating, by tackling the problem at the level where it is embedded in your unconscious mind.

During the course of your hypnotherapy treatment, you will see some positive changes occur. You will:

  • Stop cursing yourself, because there is nothing to curse!
  • Develop more empathy and understanding for the part of you that is prone to binge
  • Begin to understand your behaviour and the underlying drivers, so that you can meet your real needs in a more constructive way
  • Experience positive changes to your health and mental being that will create a more satisfying existence

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