Are you struggling to escape the eating patterns that are causing you to gain weight? Are you frustrated with not being able to achieve your ideal weight?

Hypnotherapy can provide you with the crucial determination to stick to a sensible eating plan to ensure you stay on track with your long-term goals. How? By dealing with the hidden patterns behind poor over-eating so that you can take control back in your life. It will recondition the unconscious part of your mind, the part that creates cravings and impulses, in order facilitate real and conscious decision-making.

Our hypnotherapy treatment for weight loss will see that you make the lifestyle changes necessary, more quickly and easily than trying to go it alone. Why? Firstly, hypnotherapy creates a healthier approach to weight-loss. No crash diets or fads that restrict calorie consumption that causes, even more, fat storage and cravings! Secondly, an ongoing feeling of being ‘deprived’ of your favourite foods will eventually lead to bingeing and rebellion, no matter how strong your willpower.

Below are just some of the ways George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist has helped clients with hypnosis:

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Video Testimonials on Weight Loss

Andrew on Weight Loss

33, Advertising Manager

Andrew on Stop Binge Eating

28, Carpentry Supervisor

Andy on Weight Loss

28, Defense Force Personnel

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