Do you find yourself always thinking the worse? How would your life improve if you were calmer and didn’t always predict the worst outcome or if your first response to any situation is a negative one?

When we focus on the possible dangers and pitfalls in any given situation, we are making predictions about how things will end. Often, these predictions are so crystal clear we are entirely convinced they are going to happen. We almost live it, as though it’s real – and in most cases, it never is. In most cases, this picture is nothing more than our imagination running a little wild.

Thinking the worst is useful – to a certain degree

There are of course advantages of being able to predict or consider harmful outcomes. With this foresight, measures can be put in place to avoid such occurrences. For example, we are able to plan a different course of action, we are able to adapt to different situations and we are able to keep work through potential problems before they take place.

If this was where it stopped, the mind would be operating highly efficiently and really do its job. The problem is, the human imagination tends to get a little over-active at times, creating the illusion of danger, even when there isn’t any. Instead of allowing us to make well-informed, sensible decisions based on the actual scenario, it can develop the ‘story-board’ of negativity so far, that eventually, it orchestrates into a fantastic movie of doom and gloom. And that movie is so real-life, it feels as though we are the star guest.

Unfortunately, the outcome of this magnificently orchestrated and true-to-life production is that our body creates fear and anxiety and physically prepares us to flee the scene.

For those that suffer from an over-active brain, the consequences are often a life filled with negativity, stress, and distress. Simple scenarios whereby a friend doesn’t return a phone call, lead to assumptions that they don’t want to be friends anymore. Even when it was probably a simple case of the phone is on silent!

At work, if a manager or colleague decides to reply in a rude manner, this can often lead to thoughts of “am I good enough at my job”, “they don’t like me” – when it might just be a case of they are having some personal troubles at the moment, or they didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

The result? Time, energy and stress over situations that will probably never happen. If every possible negative scenario was likely to happen in life, we would never leave the house!

Stop Thinking the Worst, Change Your Outlook with the Power of Hypnotherapy

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could channel your intelligent mind using clinical hypnotherapy into positive thinking and to coming up with solutions to tackle real and current problems?

We have helped many people overcome repeated negative thinking and transform their over-active imagination to one that works for them and not against them. With just one session of hypnotherapy, you will start to:

  • Notice your reactions to scenarios will become more realistic and sensible
  • Be more prepared to ‘go with the flow’ and see what actually happens
  • Enjoy positive thinking and imagining positive outcomes
  • Take measured risks where you are not certain of the outcome
  • Believe that you can handle anything that life throws at you

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