Are fear and anxiety taking hold of your life? Are you being controlled by thoughts, emotions and negative patterns?

Anxiety is basically a form of fear. If you have trouble with making decisions or if you regularly feel that something bad is about to happen to you, without an obvious reason – anxiety might be crippling your life even more than you think.

Anxiety (or fear) normally comes about through the misuse of or overprotection by the mind. Our mind has been given the function of protecting us from harm. Millions of years ago, this ‘harm’ appeared in the form of predators in the wild – our natural mind’s response to perceived danger was to take flight.

Today, this ‘harm’ can come in many guises, most of which do not actually take place, because they are merely the production of an overactive mind. But when the mind starts to imagine such scenarios of perceived harm, our body begins to prepare for flight. In terms of physical reactions, this fear manifests in sweating, increased heart rate, and many other physical symptoms.

Anxiety can be caused by past experiences or limited ability in dealing with unknowns about may or may not happen. What’s happening here is that the unconscious part of the brain sends messages of imagined danger to the mind and at this point, the mind begins to prepare the person to act upon this fear (for flight).

Hypnosis – The solution to overcome fear and anxiety

Whatever the reason or trigger behind scenarios where this occurs, hypnotherapy is proven to be an effective treatment to help you relax and not get overwhelmed by situations that do not present any real danger.

Our strategic clinical hypnotherapy has helped many people reset their anxiety levels so the fear simply melts away. This works by accessing the unconscious mind and reprogramming it’s thinking so it’s responses get back to ‘normal’ and you can start enjoying a normal and sensible level of anxiety in your life.

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