Do you experience frequent worry and anxiety that stops you getting on with life? Do you battle daily with fear that is so crippling, you can’t focus on anything else?

You are not alone. Millions of Australians suffer from anxiety, even if they realise this or not. Living with constant fear stops us from enjoying life and what it has to offer. It becomes emotionally draining, debilitating and very often, it leads to depression. Whether or not you have real problems in your life right now, or an ongoing storyboard of possible scenarios to worry about, constant worry will take its toll on your health, as well as your life.

In a practical sense, you probably find it difficult to think straight, to relax, digest food, sleep and perform other very normal functions.

Generalised Anxiety: A Constant State of Red Alert

Those that suffer from generalised anxiety have been known to compare the condition to be in a constant state of preparing to flee or red alert. They describe the constant feeling of being under attack by something or someone and an ongoing need to keep looking over their shoulder because threats are everywhere.

Unfortunately, the innate danger sensor that is the mind is not something that can be simply switched on and off. It is regulated by our emotions, so it is far more complex than this and in most cases, a catch 22. The more we worry, the worry this creates!

You’ll be pleased to know there is a way to break this cycle. The catch 22 works in reverse order too. So when you start to worry less, the less worry you will cause. But how does this work?

Using Hypnosis to Break the Patterns of Worry

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and proven way of soothing your fears so that you can leave behind your anxieties and get on with life. After just one hypnotherapy session, you will notice that you:

  • Feel more relaxed than you ever thought possible
  • Experience a calmness both in your mind and body
  • Benefit from a new perspective on life’s situations
  • Deal with situations with greater ease and less stress
  • Have the ability to put worries and concerns aside
  • Prevent worries from surfacing when it’s unnecessary.

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