Stop blushing, sometimes we find ourselves worrying about our tendency to blush in social situations. We may even start avoiding situations that could make us blush. Our anxiety around blushing can be intensified when someone notices the redness in our face or neck and points it out. This causes us to become even more embarrassed causing more blood to rush to our face, and so the vicious cycle continues. However, it is perfectly natural to blush. Blushing is one of nature’s ways of showing our true feelings about the situation we are in.

Why do we blush?

We blush when we do something we’re ashamed of, feel guilty or we’re embarrassed. Blushing is unique to humans and is our body’s way of revealing what we’re really thinking. When we blush we worry that the people around us will evaluate us negatively if we blush. This can lead to us developing a fear of blushing.

Stop blushing – The cycle

When we draw attention to our blushing it can often short-circuit the blushing reflex. By saying “you’ve made me blush,” it highlights to the people around you that you are aware of your blushing and you are aware of your true feelings and are embracing them with pride. This strategy doesn’t work in every situation, but it can help to break the blushing cycle.

How to stop blushing

As blushing is a natural process that we have no control over, it is impossible to say to ourselves that we are never going to blush again. Instead, we need to take a more realistic approach and accept our blushing. When we stop caring about whether we are blushing or not we will naturally start to stop blush less.

Hypnosis can help to break the cycle of blushing, enabling you to live the life you want and to be free from the fear of inappropriate blushing.

Hypnosis the key to learning to stop blushing

One of the most effective ways of learning to control your blushing is to take our hypnotherapy session where we prepare your body and mind to respond appropriately in a powerful hypnotic rehearsal.

In the hypnotherapy session you will learn how to:

  • Cool down quickly
  • Grow to become unconcerned about blushing
  • Relax in situations that you find stressful

By learning to control how your body reacts when you are socialising, you will be able to stop yourself from worrying and naturally start to blush less.

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