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Are you at risk of losing your sexual desire (libido) entirely? Is your relationship in jeopardy because you no longer having sex or intimacy with your partner?

Loss of female libido can cause immense tension and anxiety between you and your partner. What should be one of the most beautiful, intimate moments that you share, can quite often turn into a ball of contention. Research shows that female libido, more than male libido, is more heavily related to the quality of a relationship. This could suggest that some work might be needed to re-create intimacy and rebuild the bond between you and your partner.

Aside from relationship issues, a loss of libido can cause, it can affect your health in different ways too – most commonly higher stress levels, a poor diet and lack of exercise. This isn’t at all surprising, given that your mind and body are always going to be linked.

What causes a loss of female libido?

There are any number of factors that can affect your libido. If you are under significant stress at work, anxiety, going through a period of low self-confidence or have recently lost someone important, these could all explain a lack of interest in sex.

The importance of a healthy sex life

An active sex life has health benefits that go far beyond the exercise itself. Sex (and in particular climax) releases oxytocin – a chemical that regulates and releases hormones that have been proven to significantly reduce stress and reduce the emotional symptoms of menstruation. What’s more, it has also been claimed that regular sex could reduce your likelihood of breast cancer (although this has yet to be proven).

Hypnosis the solution to Increase Female Libido Naturally

Hypnotherapy deals with the heart of the issue – the part of your unconscious mind that is turned off from sex. With some simple yet effective hypnosis, your biggest erogenous zone (your brain) can be reminded of how to desire sex – so increase female libido, improve your relationship and your health need suffer no longer.

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