Cure Vaginismus and take love making from pain to pleasure

Do you find sex painful? Do the muscles in your vaginal entrance contract, even though you’re trying your best to relax?

Whilst it’s always important to consult a doctor and discount any physical reasons, Vaginismus is most commonly psychological and caused by a diverse range of experiences or events. This might include childbirth, ill health, bad sexual experiences or the teaching that sex is a ‘bad’ thing.

Luckily, there is a way to treat Vaginismus, quickly and effectively through the wonder of hypnosis.

Treating Vaginismus with hypnotherapy

Because Vaginismus is triggered by thoughts and emotions that lie at a deep and unconscious level, it’s the perfect formula for fast-acting hypnotherapy treatment.

Through strategic clinical hypnotherapy and with help from a George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist, your unconscious processes and mind workings can be re-adjusted to accommodate new, more helpful thinking that will allow you to relax and ultimately view sex as a good, healthy act. You no longer experience anxiety and instead remain calm and ready to enjoy what sex has to offer.

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