Cure Impotence and leave behind the psychological issues that are causing you distress

Impotence can be caused by a diverse range of emotional or physical factors – such as bereavement, guilt, illness, drugs or alcohol. Whatever the cause of your impotence and even if it’s only happened to you once, the mere thought of it happening again sure to set you up for a fall.

When the vicious circle of doubt and worry kicks in, you’ll notice a niggling thought that just won’t go away:

“What happens if it happens again?”

Carrying this thought with you in the bedroom and outside of it, will cause unnecessary stress and put your frame of mind in one that’s not able to get comfortable or aroused. Leading up to an intimate situation, your mind is picturing things going wrong – it’s almost ‘rehearsing’ the worst case scenario, so when you get to the bedroom, you’re completely fixated on getting an erection.

Why is hypnotherapy so effective to cure impotence?

When conducted by a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in making some simple changes in the unconscious part of your brain that controls your automatic reactions. With our help, and after your first hypnotherapy session you’ll find that you:

  • Have significantly less anxiety around your sexual performance
  • Enjoy an erection without the need to consciously think about it
  • ‘Remember’ how to get and maintain an erection

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