How would you behave differently if you could stop seeking approval and be your own person?

The need to people please and gain approval from others is not a trait that we are born with. In fact, it is a survival mechanism that we have developed early on in childhood and by the time we reach adulthood, we are naturally ‘programmed’ to find ways to belong, to be part of a group and accepted by others. It is this need that we develop personal bonds, build relationships and build self-confidence.

You can probably identify with how good it feels to be part of a group of friends that get on well. And you probably know how bad it feels when you have a disagreement or are socially rejected by that group or any other social network. Quite often the rejection produces an extremely negative emotion that drives us to makes sure we never have to experience it again.

Millions of years ago, when our ancestors belonged to a ‘tribe,’ the only way to survive was to stick with the tribe and not stray off on our own. If you did get cast aside or left behind by them, this usually resulted in imminent danger. But in this day and age, do we really need to seek approval from others in order to stay alive?

Some would argue that our whole happiness relies on being in the ‘good books’ with those around us and being cared for by family members. They would also quite rightly argue that not being accepted by your parents is a recipe for disaster, reinforcing the need for approval at a very early age.

Thankfully today, we have the ability to change the way we respond to the instinctive drives that make us want to belong and survive. Just because that drive exists, it doesn’t mean we have to act on it. Through the power of strategic clinical hypnotherapy, so that you are able to challenge your primal instinct and decide whether or not the consequences are ‘socially dangerous’ – or not.

Hypnosis to Stop Seeking Approval

Whilst it is important and very healthy to have good relationships and social networks in life, it is not important (or healthy) to care excessively about what others think about you.

Our clinical hypnotherapy sessions have helped many clients overcome the need for excessive approval seeking by helping them re-program their instinctive responses to social situations. These clients, do not by any means lose interest or appreciate of their friends and family, they simply will gain the power to decide the importance they place on the opinion of others.

Our clients benefit after the first hypnotherapy session with:

  • A renewed, positive sense of self
  • Less concern about the opinions of others
  • Living life by their own values and no-one else’s
  • More honest relationships built on personal integrity
  • Freedom of choosing when and when to not take into account the opinions of others

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