Are you trying to leave an abusive relationship but feel discouraged and overwhelmed planning how to do it? Hypnotherapy can give you the courage you need to take charge of your life and leave an abusive relationship behind for good.

It’s difficult to understand why people don’t leave an abusive relationship immediately until you are in one yourself. Outsiders may look at the relationship and see it for what it is, but it’s a different story for those who feel trapped in it. Since emotionally abusive partners don’t announce that they are abusive, it can take years to see beyond their false persona. It can be terribly confusing when a person says things such as “I’ve always dreamed of meeting someone like you” one day and be critical, verbally abusive, or deliberately aloof the next.

Abusive partners typically do not own up to their manipulative, controlling, bullying, and punishing behaviour. Even when you have dozens of examples, you’re likely to hear that you’re the one with the problem. Your partner may say something to the effect of “You made me do it!” or project all of his or her bad behaviour on you. You feel trapped before you even know what hit you.

Leaving an Abusive Relationship is Hard to Do Without Help

Once the idea that you can’t escape this relationship has set in, you have almost no self-esteem or resilience left. Your partner has told you so many times that everything is your fault that you honestly believe it. You feel hopeless and despair that things will ever get better. You don’t realise it now, but there is hope. When your partner says that you can’t manage life on your own, know that it’s a lie. He or she simply want to control you.

It’s understandable that you feel anxious and scared, but you don’t have to live like this any longer. You absolutely can escape and build a new life for yourself. All it takes is unshakeable determination to make the move. However, your safety must come first.

If your partner has escalated to physical violence and you make excuses for it, then you must get out for your own safety. Now is the time to create an escape plan, which should include getting your finances in order and finding a place to live.

Be sure to let other people know of your plans to leave and have a few people close by to call on if needed. You should never try to leave when you are home alone with your abusive partner. Plan it during a time when you know your partner won’t be at home. If that isn’t possible, make sure someone else is with you when you start removing your belongings.

Hypnosis Can Improve Your Self-Esteem and Give You Courage

Hypnotherapy for Courage to Leave an Abusive Relationship will help you develop the strength you need to untangle yourself from the person who repeatedly hurts you. Here are just some of the things hypnotherapy will help you to do:

  • Discover a well of truth within yourself that your partner’s verbal abuse has kept distorted for years.
  • No longer allow the relationship to define you by reconnecting with who you are as a separate individual.
  • Find the resolve to stop making excuses for your partner and believe deep down that you deserve better.
  • Begin to visualize a clear, practical plan for leaving with all of the details firmly in place.
  • Feel more optimistic about your future instead of just trying to survive each day.
  • Set a specific date to leave and take actions to ensure that it happens.

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