Having great selling skills is a necessity for any marketer or salesperson. You may know your product and target market and be the most determined person in your team but still, you are not able to reach targets or close a sale with a customer. Sales experts have written thousands of books intended to help struggling sales people. Perseverance and self-confidence are two of the attributes that are mentioned in theses books.

Despite being overloaded with information, there is something that a sales manual won’t mention, and that is how to consistently find yourself in the state of ‘peak flow’ that yields results. It is a ‘hard knock’ industry

Ask any salesperson and they will mention how quickly one is able to distinguish between the good and bad days. Good days are a looked forward to much more than bad days. On a good day, selling is a breeze. Words that convince the customer to buy just flow, targets are being reached, the timing of selling the product is spot on and clients leave feeling content with the purchase they have just made. Bad days, on the other hand, can be a blow to your confidence and it may even seem like they occur much more frequently than good days.

When bad sales days come one after another, they can affect your ability to work effectively and will most probably deplete your confidence levels. No matter how much information you may have, sometimes clients just aren’t willing to hear you out. Frequent rejections have the potential to erode the confidence of even the toughest sales person. Going to work or even approaching new customers may become demotivating. Feelings of reluctance may overcome you.

Hypnosis can give you the ‘little extra’ edge

Sales manuals which are written to advise how to put your best foot forward usually work by applying techniques consciously. Hypnotherapy works on igniting your unconscious selling skills. Having repeated good days of sales is an achievable goal. Our hypnosis sessions enhance your selling skills and take what is already known about selling and raises it to a whole new level. Our sales hypnotherapy sessions aim to unlock the untouched creativity in your brain. It teaches you the mental skills used by exceptional people in the field.

The trick of mastering the skills of being a great sales person is to turn bad depressing days to inspirational days, improving your skill set as well as the belief in yourself to beat feelings of anxiety when approaching potential clients.

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