Confidence with your boss can be a challenge

Anyone who has worked with a boss will understand how uncomfortable and awkward interactions from time to time can become. You can become panicky, forget what you wanted to say or lose concentration.

When such stressful occasions occur, you can convey a negative impression of yourself. In order for you to be effective in the workplace, a different approach needs to be implemented when interacting with those you report to, especially if they are difficult. Hypnosis for Confidence with your Boss aims to help you to immediately feel comfortable and react well around your boss.

Self-Confidence in the workplace is essential to your working life. When you are confident around your boss you start to enjoy the work you do and develop a healthy sense of self-respect. Sometimes, lacking self-confidence around authority may be attributed to a sense of inferiority. For example, difficult bosses may be prone to mood swings, angry outbursts or be just plain unpredictable. Whatever the reason, it is possible to overcome the awkwardness that sometimes surrounds your interactions with the person in charge.

Why you may lack confidence with your boss – Being in charge

Scientists have found that being around people who we feel possess a certain kind of authority over us, raises the blood pressure quite considerably; this has been dubbed ‘white coat’ syndrome. The physical evidence provided by science tells us that status matters in our lives much more than we think. It is possible for employees to experience the ‘white coat syndrome’ with their bosses. It is important to note that the ‘white coat syndrome’ may not just be something you only experience in the office. Perhaps influence and ranking have played in role in your life through upbringing or social interactions with school, family, friends, etc.

An inferiority complex

The reason we all experience emotions such as shame, embarrassment, and humiliation are because we are unconsciously sensitive to the status of others around us. Figuring out what is on someone’s mind or predicting their next step is something that a lot of people are able to do. Your boss can be open to reading signals that stem from a feeling of inferiority. When the boss picks up such signals, it may (or may not) influence his decision about whether or not you are fit for a promotion or to be given more responsibility.

People are alerted to the emotional signals of others all the time and can know whether they are happy, sad, irritated or grumpy. You will be treated by those around you according to the signals that they perceive because these signals are used as an indication to treat you in a certain way.

Confidence with your Boss hypnotherapy helps you to express your feelings firmly and clearly. After our hypnosis sessions, you will be able to remain confident despite the personality characteristics of your boss. Want to be confidence with your boss?  Click here to book your free 30-minute consultation

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