Boost Confidence in Meetings

Confidence in Meetings hypnosis aims to teach you how to stay cool, calm and collected when you get the chance to speak around people. When you experience feelings of being calm, you are then able to speak clearly and fluently.

Do you find yourself always using ‘uhms’ and ‘aahs’ during a meeting?

Do you find yourself choking or clamming up when you are asked to contribute in a meeting?

Does anxiety, nervousness or frustration overcome you when such situations arise?

Due to advancements in technology, communicating through email and social media is common in the 21st century. Despite this, technology has not eliminated the necessity for holding meetings to discuss, plan and make decisions regarding company matters. Therefore meetings in the workplace (or anywhere in general) are an inevitable occurrence. The ability to speak confidently and fluently at meetings is a necessary skill to develop. Speaking in a clear manner allows the other members of the meeting to fully comprehend what you have just shared and to take note of it.

Some people find the professional and sedate setting of business meetings intimidating. You may feel compelled to contribute at such meetings but may find yourself unable to do so due to fear and anxiety. Anxiety may arise and you find yourself unable to speak. You try to find the words, but your mouth becomes dry and you only manage a mumble. You experience nausea and your palms start sweating. All this anxiety in meetings stops you from performing at your best.

Taking on a relaxed attitude is one of the ways that can help you concentrate on what you want to say and to say it clearly. Being relaxed also allows you to not focus on your emotional or physical reactions.

Hypnosis – The solution to do yourself a favour and remain calm at meetings

One of the reasons why employers hold business meetings is to gain input from people attending the meeting. Contributions from all parties can help those in authority to make decisions that may affect the success of the business. Contributions to a meeting allow all workers to influence the overall results. When you contribute confidently, co-workers will discover that you are a valuable colleague and they will not be afraid to share their thoughts with you. You will become respected and supported as a valuable team member.

Taking on a calm attitude in meetings means that you can speak better.

After our hypnosis, you will discover that your fear is replaced with tranquillity and a confident attitude. After hypnotherapy sessions, you can look forward to a different experience when a meeting is next held at the office.

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