Sufferers of insomnia quite often endure many years and many therapies before trying insomnia treatment hypnotherapy. The irony is that insomnia treatment hypnotherapy is an ideal way of curing insomnia because it deals directly with the heart of the problem that causes insomnia in the first place – relaxation.

How to Cure Insomnia – Insomnia Treatment Hypnotherapy

But there is a way out. We have helped many clients overcome insomnia and start enjoying restful sleep, more energy and a much better well-being.

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Do you wake up during the night? How to quickly go back to sleep after waking up

If falling asleep is the easy part for you, getting back to sleep after waking up during the night is a very different story. Sufficient sleep is essential to both physical and mental well-being and to your recovery from a busy day – so the more you are awake during the night, the less recovery you are afforded.

Everybody wakes up during the night for a short period

It is very natural to wake up at some point during the night. It is also very common, but most of the time we are not conscious that we have woken up, so we quickly fall back asleep after only a few seconds, being none the wiser. This is a very natural part of everybody’s sleep cycle. For insomniacs, however, it is very common to feel far too alert during the ‘awake’ spells and it is this alertness that paves the way for another restless night.

What keeps us awake in the night?

Worrying and anxiety are a very common cause of not being able to fall back to asleep. When we worry, the body releases a stimulant of stress hormones, and this stimulant works very hard to ensure that you cannot relax to the point of falling asleep.

The good news is that sleep is something that we can train ourselves to do so that we become conditioned to fall asleep even when we think it might prove impossible. Like a lot of destructive behaviours, waking up during the night can become more habitual than anything else – so it happens because we expect it to happen each and every night.

Things to avoid when awake during the night

There are some very common activities that sufferers of insomnia turn to when wide awake during the night. The problem is, however, each of the below activities only serves to create more stimulation and alertness so that it is even harder to fall back to sleep. Insomnia sufferers should refrain from doing any of the followings during the night:

  • Turning on lights
  • Undertaking activities such as watching TV and surfing the internet
  • Consuming stimulants such as tea, coffee or sugary drinks
  • Worrying about the fact you have woken up what you expect to happen next

How to fall back asleep using powerful hypnosis

Our Strategic Hypnotherapy program will train you to enter a hypnosis trance-like state so that you can offer your mind suggestions on how to fall asleep. This self-hypnosis method, if used properly, will give you the know-how to get yourself back to sleep. In training your mind and body to relax when you wake up in the night, your subconscious disassociates waking up with any form of reward, and therefore your habit will eventually give up trying.

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