Stop Being a Picky Eater

Hypnosis can help you to stop being a picky eater and appreciate a greater variety of foods. Since a balanced diet is essential for good health, when you eat different foods, you achieve better health. You are also able to enjoy more social occasions that involve eating and feel more relaxed dining in different places and trying new foods.

Picky Eaters and Anxiety

Perhaps you are a picky eater because of a bad experience with food in the past. Maybe you can relate your fussy behaviour to something that happened to you in your childhood. You may not even know why you are a picky eater. All you know is that you will only eat certain things.

If you are a picky eater, it can be difficult to find something to eat that you like. You might dislike certain textures, or examine the content of your plate and feel you can’t eat. You might feel unhappy about certain foods, or struggle to eat in the company of other people. You are caught up in a cycle of anxiety and you are missing out on enjoying your food.

When to Stop Being a Picky Eater

Sometimes, being a picky eater is a good thing. If you are allergic to certain foods or you need to avoid particular ingredients for your health, then you need to be choosy. The same applies when you eat somewhere new and you are unsure of the levels of hygiene.

But if there is no real reason for you to refuse to try new food and you are not eating a varied diet, it’s time to consider a course of hypnotherapy.

Stop Being a Picky Eater with Hypnosis

It is possible to feel relaxed when you eat, and even better, you can experience the pleasure of tasting different food.

Imagine being able to sample new dishes with friends, try new restaurants when you travel, eat out at friend’s houses and enjoy what they cook for you. Imagine a more simple, straightforward process when it comes to meal planning, food preparation, and cooking. And imagine being healthier as a result of a better diet.

This can be a reality for you. Hypnotherapy for picky eaters involves retraining your brain to recognise food as being acceptable and safe for you. A course of hypnotherapy will help you to feel calmer about food, more relaxed when eating with other people, and happier about experimenting with new food, tastes, and textures.

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