Fear of driving (or driving phobia) is more common than you might think

Many people develop anxiety around driving in general – or they may be triggered by driving in particular situations, like narrow country roads or highways. Too much anxiety can interfere with the smooth operation of the car, creating risks on the road. This is because anxiety disrupts what should be an automatic, unconscious activity – you don’t have to think about shifting gears, or pressing the accelerator, but if you are anxious, this becomes more difficult. As a result of impaired driving, people often start to doubt their ability to drive, which further increases anxiety levels: a vicious cycle.

Maybe you, too, have become hyper-alert when in a car, and it has started to make driving more difficult for you. You might have found yourself avoiding driving, or experiencing uncomfortable physical sensations like sweating or an increased heart rate when you do drive. A driving phobia can affect many different areas of your life, and can also erode your general confidence. But there is a solution.

Hypnosis – The solution to Fear of Driving

Hypnotherapy to Overcome Fear of Driving will re-educate your unconscious mind to see driving as a normal, everyday activity rather than a dangerous threat. It will help retrain your mind to relax when at the wheel while remaining focused. Being more relaxed, and eliminating your stress about driving, will enable you to be a much safer driver.

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