Avoid a constant uphill battle and enjoy a life without limits

Fear of heights is one of the most common fears today, yet sometimes you may feel like you’re completely alone. For obvious and very logical reasons, it’s a good idea to take extra care when you are high up – but if you’re reading this page, you’re no doubt suffering from a highly exaggerated response to heights that occurs well before you’ve even left the ground.

Overcoming fear of heights is no easy feat and it doesn’t just go away. You might have tried different ways of overcoming your phobia, but even the most promising solutions don’t help you overcome the anxiety, panic, and terror that takes over.

Do you feel fear at just the thought of height?

If you feel anxious at just the thought of catching the elevator to the top floor of a building climbing a ladder or being on a bridge, your fear of heights is hindering your day to day life. Experiencing these feelings of uncontrollable panic and being frozen at the very thought of what’s in store, is no way to live.

Hypnosis for Overcoming Fear of Heights

George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist is very highly qualified and has already helped many people overcome a fear of height that’s been with them for many years. Those people were frustrated at fearing what most people view as very simple things, such as climbing a flight of stairs. Now they have the relief of knowing that they don’t face an uphill battle every time they need to leave the ground.

Unfortunately, many people put up with their fear of heights and just accept it for what it is. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine how easier your life could be if you started to feel calm and at ease when taking in the views or crossing a bridge.

Enjoy a gentle transformation

You don’t need to feel daunted by hypnotherapy – on the contrary, most patients tell us how much they enjoy their session! Strategic clinical hypnotherapy with a qualified expert is highly effective because it’s designed to put you in the highest state of relaxation so that we can access your unconscious mind and make some simple yet effective changes to the way you perceive heights.

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