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Fear of flying wasn’t a big deal in the olden days. But times are changing and an increasing desire to travel and explore the world and a planet that’s becoming more global and mobile means that flying is part of everyday life. It also means that those who have a fear of flying are looking to overcome it so that they don’t get left behind.

If you have a fear of flying, you’ll know very well the physical symptoms that emerge every time you step onto a plane. Sweaty palms, increased heartbeat, anxiety during turbulence or any sudden noise or movement. It needn’t be like this any longer.

With our help, you can start to enjoy flying, rather than dread every second. Strategic Hypnotherapy to overcome fear of flying is proven to be a highly powerful and long lasting solution that will quickly re-program your mind to let go of the danger that you currently associate with being on a plane.

Fear of flying is an unconscious response

As you know only too well, your reaction to flying is not something conscious. It’s also not rational. The way that fear grips you is beyond your control. But how can you regain control of this reaction? How can you put fear back in its place, so that you can get on with the normal things in life?

Strategic Hypnotherapy creates a state of deep relaxation so that we can access your unconscious mind at its deepest level, and help you make subtle changes to your perception towards flying. With our help, you’ll be able to relax on the plane, sit back and enjoy the ride – just like everyone else.

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