Fear of Failure can hold you back

Do you experience difficulties in finishing what you started? Is it easier to avoid new challenges and experiences and instead stay in your comfort zone?

Fear of failure is more common than you think and for many people, it lurks beneath the reluctance to put yourself into a situation that’s deemed ‘risky’. A fear of failure can be the result of many past experiences or childhood situations – a drive for perfection set in the early years by parents, a discomfort with uncertainty, the need to look good around others or perhaps even rivalry between siblings. Whatever the reasons, ignoring your fear of failure will limit your life potential. It will stop you living the best version of yourself and leave you with a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction.

Why fear of failure doesn’t exist in children

As children, we are blessed with a healthy curiosity about what life has to offer, what happens if we do something, touch something, say something, risk something. At this point in life, we don’t fully understand consequences of our actions because we haven’t yet experienced many situations. We also don’t understand what is normal and what isn’t – which is why children seem to have limitless creativity, but also a huge potential for disruption!

What does fearless of failure look like?

How do those without fear of failure behave in everyday life? What makes them different? Typically, you can expect the same curiosity and optimism about life – but what they also display is a drive to take on new challenges and get as much out of life as possible. They seem to skip through life achieving amazing things, overcoming challenges and revel in the ups and downs along the way.

Hypnosis the Solution to Overcome Fear of Failure

Imagine what your life could be if you had the same outlook on life. Our hypnotherapy sessions, you can start to pave a life that you really want and one that you’re truly proud of. You’ll start to look for new challenges, rather than run away from them. What was once daunting, will become an exciting adventure. We specialise in strategic clinical hypnotherapy that’s designed to help you overcome fear of failure. And it works too – our programs have been proven time and time again.

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