Out with the old bad habits, in with the new

Are your bad habits ruining even the simple things in life? Are you frustrated by the one thing you just can’t stop doing?

No matter how small or insignificant your habit, it’s probably causing you a lot of stress and anxiety. Whether you’re unable to stop biting your nails or you tend to consume a glass of wine too many with dinner, your bad habits are the result of repeated behaviour over a sustained amount of time. Bad habits are difficult to break because they are associated with thoughts and emotions at a very unconscious level. If they were easy to break, people would quit smoking, stop binge eating, stop binge drinking, or stop comfort eating without external help.

Unfortunately, many people still believe that all it takes to break a bad habit is some willpower – as soon as they decide not to do that anymore, they’ll stop. This can cause immense disappointment when reality hits and this feeling of failure is quite often the catalyst for relapse.

Hypnosis Replacing bad habits with good habits

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective way to re-program your mind to replace bad habits with good ones. At a very unconscious level where your automatic thought patterns are developed, small adjustments can be made using hypnosis and new behaviours established – so that you start to react a way that’s healthier and more rewarding. George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist has helped many clients break bad habits that include the following:

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