Do you have trouble attracting women? Do you lack the confidence that women love?

It may seem unfair that some guys you know always ‘get the girl’. Women seem to flock to talk to them and you’re always left standing on the outskirts. The good news, there is no magic formula and it’s not all about looks. Put simply, those guys are just displaying the characteristics of being more attractive to women that they naturally find compelling.

In order to be more attractive to women, you need to, first of all, understand what women look for in a man and then develop an attitude that displays those characteristics.

Strategic clinical hypnotherapy is proven to be a powerful and effective way to helping you shift your mindset to one that is attractive to women. But first of all, let’s look at what women find attractive:

Be more attractive to women, what women find attractive

There are of course differences and preferences between women and what they find attractive. But research finding shows there are some common themes to the attraction. These findings cite that women find strong, confident and intelligent – most people know this already. But what is also shows is that women like men that make them laugh, men that don’t try too hard or speak about themselves too much. Women also like men that show an interest in them, listen but also talk as well. And there are more traits too, all of which can be programmed with hypnotherapy.

So what is the ideal? Research shows that women like a cross between confidence, strength, nurturing and caring qualities. This could be why it is well documented that women find doctors sexy. They represent an ideal cross between confidence, competence, and caring qualities.

Your Self-Confidence is Evident to Others

Through the help of hypnotherapy, you have the power to become more attractive to women than you realise. Part of this puzzle is becoming more confident in yourself and in what you have to offer women. Women tend to have an excellent radar for detecting self-confidence in voice, body and many other ‘giveaways’. They also desire to be treated well and be respected by you.

So how do you ‘learn’ to behave in the ways that women find attractive? Our clinical hypnotherapy sessions are proven to get you feeling more attractive in yourself so that this radiates onto the women around you.

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