More Attractive to Men

Be more attractive to men

Make it clear you are interested

Research proves that men like women who laugh at their jokes and women like men make them laugh! If you are in the company of someone you are attracted to, it might be worth chuckling from time to time. But in all seriousness, there are several attributes that men find attractive.

Create wow factor through the power of hypnotherapy

Even though they might not admit it, men are unconsciously looking for women that have a good genetic makeup. Typical physical attributes that reflect a good genetic make-up include glossy hair, a slim waistline, clear skin, good muscle tone, large eyes, small jaws, full lips, and youthfulness.

The beauty industry is all too aware of what makes women attractive and therefore they capitalise on this, with products designed to boost our best bits. But, looking good is only one part of the puzzle.

A broad smile, a relaxed demeanour, a sense humour that is not forced and flirty eyes are all powerful ways of getting a man’s attention. Some of us, however, need a little help with the confidence to be this person. That’s where strategic clinical hypnotherapy comes in.

Our hypnotherapy sessions will train you to relax deeply so that your sleep, alertness and general well-being improve dramatically. More importantly, you will learn to apply this state of relaxation to situations where you are in the company of men you wish to attract – even if you are having a bad hair day!

We have helped clients with hypnotherapy treatment that has resulted in:-

  • Increased confidence in their own desirability
  • Fewer comparisons with other women
  • More relaxation and enjoyment around men
  • A playful attitude and optimism that men find attractive

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