Sugar Addiction

Overcome sugar addictionHypnosis to Overcome Sugar Addiction – Set yourself free from your sugar cravings

For those who love sugar, it can be an obsession. Directly after meals, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, in fact, any time of day. When the urge for sugar emerges, it can become the most important thing to you at that given moment. The impact of high sugar consumption on your health and happiness are high, but it is not a cycle that is easy to break.

The negative impact of sugar addiction

Foods that are high in sugar are a major contributor to gaining weight. Many processed and convenience foods have hidden sugars, so even without realising it, we consume much more sugar than we intend to. Typically, manufactured foods are not nutritious, so they don’t add anything but pounds. It is well documented that obesity leads to a long string of serious health problems that include heart disease and diabetes.

Aside from the weight and subsequent health problems in high sugar consumption, consuming too much sugar interferes with your body’s own blood sugar regulation. You are likely to fluctuate between having too high blood sugar levels and too low blood sugar levels and this can result in feeling sluggish, tired or anxious when the effects of the sugar ‘hit’ wear off.

As with all addictions, breaking the habitual cycle is not easy, and quite often will only be successful with professional help. Strategic clinical hypnotherapy has proved extremely effective in helping sugar addicts break the vicious cycle, substantially reduce sugar intake and start to lead a life that is healthier and happier.

Lose your sweet tooth with powerful hypnosis

We have helped many sugar addicts overcome their cravings through powerful hypnotherapy techniques that tackle the behaviour patterns embedded deep in your unconscious mind. Our clients experience the following benefits after receiving help from us:

  • A calmer existence that is no longer plagued with worries about sugar and weight
  • A relentless determination to meet their weight goals
  • A sustainable, winning strategy to controlling what is consumed
  • Greater willpower in resisting sweet treats
  • A palate that lends itself to healthier food choices
  • A more efficient metabolism that is restored to its natural equilibrium

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