Stop Binge Drinking and overcoming alcohol addiction, and get to the point where you can enjoy alcohol in a healthy and moderate manner. This takes some willingness and action on your part, but also some expert help. The process of overcoming alcohol addiction can be separated into stages:

Stage 1: Alcohol Withdrawal

Overcoming alcohol addiction is about releasing yourself from its evil clutches so that you can be free to live your life how you want to. Unfortunately, by the time you reach the addiction stage, your body and your brain will take some time to adjust to its withdrawal.

The harmful effects of alcohol addiction go on and on and on

Alcohol abuse causes no end of physical problems. Liver damage, high blood pressure, heart problems. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Alcohol addiction has a domino effect on your relationships, finances and work performance. Under the influence of alcohol addiction, the victim can be tricked into believing alcohol is the key to stopping anxiety, have better sleep, and achieve relaxation – when in fact its effects are the total reverse of this.

The only way to effectively overcome alcohol addiction is to develop a change in mindset towards alcohol. Simply trying to resist it will, in most cases, not lead to lasting success. Those who are able to easily turn down the temptation of alcohol have altered their relationships with alcohol so that it does not control their thinking any longer.

When delivered by a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stop Drinking Drinking Hypnotherapy can help you change your relationship with alcohol so that your craving no longer exists and you are able to escape the clutches of this harmful addiction. It does this by delving into your deeper consciousness and accessing the part of the brain that can think logically.

The role of Hypnotherapy to Stop Binge Drinking

Hypnotherapy plays a crucial part in helping you feel better, much more quickly. The initial period of alcohol withdrawal, of course, is usually more intense, however, the days that follow, the symptoms tend to gradually subside until they eventually disappear.

Why do we experience withdrawal symptoms? Withdrawal symptoms are the body’s way of breathing a sigh of relief that it is no longer being poisoned. Withdrawal is the process of your body getting rid of harmful toxins so that it can prepare for a more healthy existence.

Withdrawal from any addiction is never pleasant. Our Hypnotherapy sessions will dramatically improve your withdrawal experience, so that you can be more positive about the withdrawal process, more positive about what lies ahead of you, and of course more relieved from the anxieties about the future.

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Stage 2: Preventing Alcohol Relapse

Ignore the comments and opinions you may hear about how easy it is to give up alcohol. Those that are not directly involved in alcohol addiction simply do not understand it – and they can certainly underestimate it.

To stop drinking after a particularly bad episode or during a particularly motivated moment is the easy part. The difficult part is maintaining your resolve over a sustained period of time. And it only gets more difficult when times are especially tough, or when the harmful effects alcohol had on your life fade so that they don’t seem that bad after all. It times like this when your earlier intentions are severely tested by tempting thoughts that appeal to your weaknesses.

Thought patterns such as “it’s only once” and “it won’t do any harm” pull out all the stops to ensure they are successful in breaking down your defences. At the point where you start deliberating whether to have a drink – you have already lost the battle.

So how can you win the battle? The only effective way of repeatedly overcoming the demons that bother you in the form of negative thoughts is by dismissing them as nothing more than unhelpful thoughts.

Stop drinking Hypnotherapy by a George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist will help to reinforce the reasons that you stopped drinking alcohol in the first place, right when you need it. It will ensure that you continue to tackle temptation head on, by staring at it in the face and dismissing it each and every time.

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Stage 3: Enjoying a social life without Alcohol

Many people consume alcohol during social occasions in order to relax, so that they can have fun. Many consume alcohol during social occasions so that they ‘fit in’ with the group or because they think it is simply expected. Faced with situations where there are external pressures to drink alcohol and internal voices telling you there is no harm in one drink, a bullet-proof vest is required.

Many sufferers are strong enough to handle the internal voices, but when it comes to fitting in, getting involved and belonging to a group, quite often the urge is simply overwhelming.

Learning to have fun without alcohol

Your perception of alcohol and its impact on your ‘fun’ time very much steers how tough you will find it to give up drinking alcohol. Research shows that our response to alcohol is based on what we expect to happen.

What does this mean? In a research study, participants were given dummy alcoholic drinks that did not actually contain alcohol. The behaviour that followed displayed the classic signs of intoxication, even though they had not consumed one drop of alcohol.

If you are in the majority, you are probably thinking the fun stops when the alcohol stops. You probably feel as though you are going to miss out on the party spirit. You can alter your expectations, your assumptions, and your perspective through powerful hypnotherapy, delivered by George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist.

The role of Stop Binge Drinking Hypnotherapy

Stop binge drinking hypnotherapy can shift your perception towards alcohol through some fundamental changes to your unconscious. Your expectations on life without alcohol will change altogether, as a result.

We have helped many clients with powerful clinical hypnotherapy that has delivered the following outcomes:

  • A reconnection with the innate ability to have fun and be merry without the help of alcohol or other chemical substances
  • Increased ease and relaxation in social situations
  • Decreased obsession with being ‘denied’ a drink of alcohol
  • A refocus on the important aspects of social gatherings – the company of the people you care about, the hobby or event, and the miracle of everyday things.
  • A life that is more enjoyable, more enriched and fulfilled with the valuable things in life.

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Stage 4: Moderate Drinking – 3 steps to enjoying moderate drinking

“Everything in moderation” is a motto that we should adopt throughout our lives, in order to live a life that is balanced and fruitful. Many of us have personalities that lend themselves to over eating, over drinking and over doing many other things! And when we let such tendencies cloud our judgment, we often beat ourselves up for not living up to our own expectations. When we do this to ourselves, this can lead to a feeling of failure, where we head straight for the temptation that caused us to ‘fail’ in the first place.

How do we stop this destructive cycle and learn to drink in moderation?

Step 1: Drinking does not have to be ‘all or nothing’

Moderate drinking, and indeed a healthy approach to drinking is not an ‘all or nothing’ situation. What counts as moderate drinking? It may be a good idea so seek some advice from family and friends on what they think qualifies as moderate. Of course, their responses will change depending on who you ask, so select them carefully. The important part is that you set your ceiling at a level that is comfortable for you.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you push the boundaries a little from time to time. Nobody is perfect. Make sure you make allowances for those very special occasions, but counter-balance this with periods where you don’t drink anything at all. You will feel empowered by your ability to set your own controls and goals.

Step 2: Listen to what your body is telling you

Your body never stops trying to do the best for you, even when you don’t even realise it. There will be some very familiar ways in which your body tells you that you have had enough to drink. These usually come in the form of emotional signals and physical changes. Everyone reacts to alcohol differently, therefore it is important that you begin to learn about your own signals, and pay attention to them when they occur. Listening to your body will only set you up for a happier and healthier existence.

Step 3: Hypnosis that creates helpful thinking patterns

The trance-like state of excessive drinking means that it’s all too easy to get so focused on enjoying the moment and making it last as long as possible. So much so, that actual awareness of the effects of the alcohol consumption is lost – until of course, the next morning.

Our stop binge drinking hypnotherapy techniques will counteract such negative trance with a more powerful, influential and positive mindset, that will be your saving grace when faced with the temptation of a drinking binge.

Our stop binge drinking hypnotherapy sessions will teach you exactly how to establish this powerful force that will help you control your drinking. Rather than relying on willpower alone, your willpower will be supported by a deeper level of consciousness that will carry you through times of wavering resolve. This deeper level of consciousness will make alcohol a less important factor in enjoying social occasions so that it’s not a big deal to establish and keep to your limits.

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