Is your spending out of control? Are you a shopaholic that can’t afford to keep shopping?

You’ll be glad to hear that we have a simple and effective solution to help you break the cycle and overcome what we call a ‘Compulsive Shopping Addiction’.

Compulsive shoppers behave in a way that they purchase much more than they need and spend more than they can afford to. What they also do, is spend money to make them feel better.

This might not seem like the worst thing in the world, but leaving aside spiralling credit card bills, there is another problem in this form of ‘therapy’. Whilst shopping can bring about very temporary satisfaction, the hangover from the spending spree and the realisation that the high from shopping is wearing off leads to a low that is worse than your starting point!

Shopping Addiction: More Pain, No Gain

Put simply, Shopping addiction causes more harm than good. When looking at the drain on emotional and financial resources and weighing this up against the long-term contribution towards happiness, it becomes very clear that shopping takes more from you than it gives you back.

Shopping addicts show very predictable characteristics. In summary, they:

  • Shop to feel better and get an emotional ‘lift’
  • Feel good for a short time, but then feel bad later on
  • Own a variety of items that are left in the bottom drawer
  • Have spiralling debt problems but keep shopping anyway
  • Feel depressed after a large spending spree

Like all addictions, shopping is filling some sort of void. It is replacing what is missing, with something else that offers relief from sadness, even if this is only temporary.

Hypnosis, the solution to Shopping Addiction

Strategic clinical hypnotherapy can help you permanently overcome your shopping addiction, so that you are able to fill whatever void you have, with something that is more constructive, healthy and lasting.

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