Does hypnotherapy workDoes Hypnotherapy Work

If you’ve never looked into hypnotherapy as a long-lasting solution to any challenges you face, then it’s natural to wonder how hypnotherapy achieves such impressive results. We’re groomed to be a little bit sceptical when it comes to believing things that seem too good to be true.

Most people come to me for hypnotherapy after unsuccessfully trying many of the more traditional treatment options available. They have already wasted thousands of dollars and countless hours talking over the past. Whilst it makes them feel better for a couple of days at most, soon enough the old thought patterns, negative emotions and destructive behaviour creep back in.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I see a lot of people who doubt whether they’ll be strong enough to make the changes needed for a better life. That’s the beauty of hypnotherapy – it’s all about the unconscious mind and making a series of small adjustments in your unconscious part of the brain, so that the right thoughts, decisions and behaviour starts to come completely natural to you.

When delivered by a qualified expert, strategic clinical hypnosis is proven to effectively reduce stress, addiction help, treatment for anxiety, attract men, attract women, bad habits, fears and phobias, insomnia treatment, job skills, pain relief, quit smoking hypnosis, relationship problems, self-confidence, social anxiety, sexual problems, sports performance, stress management and weight loss.  By making some positive changes to the way your brain views habits and addictions (for example binge eating, gambling, smoking and drug abuse), you’ll start to benefit from a brighter and better you. In addition to overcoming negative behavioural patterns, hypnosis is also highly effective in reducing chronic pain and other discomfort associated with illness and medical treatment.

Does hypnotherapy work? Yes, absolutely. Years of scientific research and published studies have already proven hypnosis works, this is fact. It can also help improve your life far beyond the elimination of problems. Many of my patients are left with a huge sense of fulfilment, achievement and pride when they go on to meet their life goals and made radical changes for the better.

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