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How much does it cost?

The cost varies from person to person as everyone is different, so when you come in we will design a program to get you the results you want. We have been doing this for over 10 year and we have consistent record of producing results for our clients, we are #1 on Google+, #1 on Startlocal, #1 on Truelocal, #1 on Womo, with hundreds written and video of testimonials from clients over the years.

So if you see this as an investment in yourself and want the best hypnotherapy service for a return that’s truly priceless then make an appointment and Book Now for your free 30 minutes session.

In addition, we provide preferential rates for clients that book additional sessions and offer tailored pricing arrangements for those who require ongoing support. During your 30 Minutes Free Session, George will tell you how many sessions you will need so that you know up front the total cost and then you have the choice to leave it there if you do not want to proceed, so it doesn’t cost you anything or continue for the full 90 minute session if you feel there is value for you.

Where are you located?

Clinic Address is 918 / 185 Elizabeth Street Sydney 2000

Click here for a map full details of Our Location

Can I claim this under private health insurance?

Please check with your fund and ask them if you have cover for hypnotcherapy health fund rebate, if you have cover then yes, we can give you a receipt and you can claim it. For your convenience we created a list of hypnotcherapy health fund rebate providers.

Is it covered by Medicare?

Hypnotherapy is not cover by the medicare system.

What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of increased focus and absorption into our thoughts and feelings that often creates a pleasant state of deep relaxation. When in this state, it is possible to bypass the parts of the brain that ‘house’ the issue. In doing so, we are able to access the parts of the brain that allow us to explore all that we have learned and experienced, so that we can freely address the psychological, emotional or thinking patterns that are causing us difficulty.

Since his University days, George has applied the principles of hypnotherapy to life as a whole. The results have manifested in a successful career, consistently good health, an active social life and a relentless fitness regime.

Strategic Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to help a client target the specific issue that they are struggling with. Carried out properly by a George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist, strategic hypnotherapy can bring remarkable and lasting change.

Does hypnotherapy and hypnosis work?

There is significant evidence from top Universities and medical institutions that prove, beyond any doubt, that hypnotherapy and hypnosis are highly effective clinical tool in creating lasting change.

In a study by Alfred Barrios in 1970, hypnotherapy proved to be the most effective and quickest therapy, over and above psychoanalysis and behavioural therapy. The study showed that hypnotherapy achieved a 93% success rate after only six sessions. Many of our clients are surprised by the speed and the lasting impact of hypnotherapy. Read more about Does Hypnotherapy Work from people just like you.

What is hypnotherapy and hypnosis used for?

Hypnotherapy has a wide scope for helping people. Below are just some problem areas it can tackle:

Addiction Help Hypnotherapy – sugar addiction treatment, food addiction treatment, shopping addiction treatment, alcohol addiction treatment and drug addiction treatment

Treatment for Anxiety Hypnotherapyanxiety disorder help, anxiety attack relief

Attract Men – how to meet and attract men

Attract Women – how to meet and attract women

Break Bad Habits – Leave behind habits that no longer fit who you are today

Fears and Phobias – phobias treatment, flying without fear, public speaking fear, social phobia treatment, needle phobia treatment

Insomnia Treatmenthypnosis to overcome insomnia

Job Skills – Take your career or business to the next level

Pain Relief – chronic pain relief, back pain relief, arthritis pain relief

Quit Smoking Hypnosishypnotherapy to quit smoking

Relationship Problems – solving relationship problems

Self-Confidence – building self-confidence, self-improvement

Social Anxiety – Feel comfortable around people socially

Sports Performance – Take your game to the next level

Sexual Problemshypnosis to overcome sexual problems

Stress Management – managing stress, natural stress relief, dealing with stress at work

Weight Loss – kick starting health weight loss

Is hypnosis completely safe?

Hypnosis is a completely natural state that occurs in everybody. We simply focus it during strategic hypnotherapy to create lasting solutions to problems and issues.

I have never yet come across a case where a client has been harmed through the use of hypnosis. Even in the rarest of cases where hypnotherapy does not prove successful, the client still experiences a deep sense of relaxation during the session. And where it works (in most cases), they benefit by resolving problems that may have been bothering them for years.

Will I lose ‘control’ during hypnosis?

Many people still associate hypnosis and hypnotherapy with losing control and making a fool of yourself. The misconception has evolved through the use of hypnosis for entertainment purposes, a term we call ‘stage hypnosis’.

Stage hypnosis uses volunteers who are very eager to be hypnotised. These are usually the people crave attention and do this by letting go, with the excuse of being under hypnosis. The reason stage hypnosis can create a magical illusion of power is usually down to the hypnotist’s abilities to put on a show. In reality, 100% of control remains with the person being hypnotised and they can choose to stop participating and come back to full awareness any time they choose.

For hypnotherapy to be successful, it requires complete cooperation and willingness on your part. It is important to add here that you are in no way changed or controlled during hypnosis. You remain 100% yourself throughout the whole process – your morals, beliefs, experiences and judgements remain completely in-tact from beginning to end.

What does hypnosis feel like?

The hypnotherapy experience is slightly different for each individual. The most common feedback we receive post-hypnosis is that clients feel at peace, positive, empowered, determined, motivated and relaxed at the end of the session.

Can I be hypnotised?

If you are willing to be hypnotised, then it is very likely that you can be. The reality is, we can experience the natural state of hypnosis in everyday activities such as watching TV or driving a car.

Research has suggested that approximately 5% of people have an incredible capacity to be hypnotised. An additional 5% find hypnosis difficult. The remaining 90% can enjoy hypnosis and can enter the state of hypnosis with relative ease, when facilitated by George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist. Therefore, the chances of hypnotherapy working for you are heavily in your favour.

Watch the Video

To find out if you can be hypnotised!

Is hypnotherapy like meditation?

There are some similarities between hypnosishypnotherapy and meditation. Both practices involve a natural state of focus and absorption, and most often lead to a deep sense of relaxation and a clearer mind.

Strategic hypnotherapy however, puts this natural state to good use, by using it to resolve personal issues and problems. Quite often we will suggest meditation to clients with stress, so that they can enjoy ongoing relaxation and mental wellbeing once their course of hypnotherapy has been completed.

Will I fall asleep during hypnosis?

The brain operates very differently when we fall asleep, therefore the effectiveness of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is diminished. When hypnotherapists ask clients to fall ‘deeper’, this is essentially a metaphor for the relaxed state we are looking to achieve.

How do I know if hypnotherapy is right for me?

We can try our best to convince you that hypnosis and hypnotherapy is an effective way of resolving life’s obstacles. But there is no need to take our word for it. Come and see for yourself. We offer new clients a free 30 minutes consultation at the start of your appointment. If at the end of this time you do not think hypnotherapy is right for you, then we will not charge you a penny!

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