What will happen next?

You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment details automatically. Within the email you will find the zoom link to use to connect at the time and date of your appointment.


Your first appointment with us will be 90 minutes, so that we have the time to get to the heart of your problem. We do this by adopting a therapeutic strategy that has been developed to create a shift in perspective towards achieving your goals. Once we’ve done this, we can really get to work! In order to ensure that you are fully comfortable with the process, we invite new clients to take us up on a Free 30 Minute Consultation. This will take place at the start of your 90 minute session and during this time you have the perfect opportunity to decide whether hypnotherapy is right for you. Most clients experience immediate benefits after their initial 90 minute appointment. It really can be that quick!

A tailor-made hypnotherapy plan just for you

During your initial 90 minute consultation, we will design a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. We usually recommend two additional 60 minute consultations to ensure lasting results, however every treatment plan can vary. Whatever the problem, whatever your treatment plan – expect results that last!

The cost varies from person to person as everyone is different, so when you come in we will design a program to get you the results you want. We have been doing this for over 10 year and we have a consistent record of producing results for our clients, we are #1 on Google+, #1 on Startlocal, #1 on Truelocal, #1 on Womo, with hundreds written and video of testimonials from clients over the years.

So if you see this as an investment in yourself and want the best hypnotherapy service for a return that’s truly priceless then make an appointment and Book Now for your free 30 minutes session.

In addition, we provide preferential rates for clients that book additional sessions and offer tailored pricing arrangements for those who require ongoing support. During your 30 Minutes Free Session, George will tell you how many sessions you will need so that you know up front the total cost and then you have the choice to leave it there if you do not want to proceed, so it doesn’t cost you anything or continue for the full 90 minute session if you feel there is value for you.